What is early intervention?


Early intervention means doing things as early as possible to work on your child’s developmental, health and support needs. These supports may include: • speech pathology • physiotherapy • occupational therapy • education/information • nursing • psychology, or • family support and counselling.

Understanding this definition will put in context why we have chose the support the charities we do, based on our own experiences and journeys.

2016, 2018: YOOrAlLa

Specialist Childrens Services:

As part of Yooralla’s Therapy services, they provide specialist therapies and interventions for children with developmental delay or disability, recognising the importance of early intervention in building a child’s functional capacity. Their team of therapists includes qualified physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists, and can work with your child through the early years, and later through school and beyond. Their therapists can support your family by providing tailored assistance, resources and information.

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2017: VisiON AuStRaliA

Much of what we learn in life is through watching. So children with vision loss need to gather information about their world in different ways, and parents are their first and favourite teacher.At Vision Australia they offer your family a personalised approach and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of your child.

Vision Australia will be with you and your family throughout your child's life – from birth and first steps, starting school and discovering their talents to graduating, finding after-school jobs and making the most of adulthood. You will get the support you need to be the expert on your child’s situation. This includes becoming confident in the choices you make for them and proven approaches to help them realise their potential. In collaboration with you, your Vision Australia support person will access the expertise of our allied health team, professionals and specialist staff to develop strategies that suit your child’s needs.


Your child’s support network of specialists include:

● Speech pathologists
● Occupational therapists
● Physiotherapists
● Psychologists
● Orientation and mobility specialists
● Access technology specialists
● Orthoptists

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