Our story starts after I gave birth to my son Domenic,  when doctors confirmed my suspicions. During my pregnancy the doctors discovered a cyst on Domenic’s brain. After thinking things were going to be ok, the cyst had already done its damage, bringing with it two separate conditions: Cerebellar Vermain Hypoplasia, a rare brain disorder impeding balance and movement, speech difficulties and developmental delays, and Ocular Motor Apraxia (OMA), a neurological condition affecting controlled eye movement and vision impairment.

Research shows that support during the early years of childhood improves outcomes for children with disability. The early childhood years lay the foundation for all future development and help nurture the child and the whole family in understanding developmental delays. Committed to providing opportunities for Domenic’s development, we reached out to various Early Childhood Education Services, who gave us all the support and help to get him where he is now (a happy and active three year old kid).

Drawing on the gratitude for those who work to help children like Domenic and inspired by our love of the artistic expression of children- Jacana Kids was born. Co-founder and closest friend Ana and I, Jacqui, launched our unique kids-wear label online, to help raise money for organisations who support children with disabilities and developmental delays.


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Each Jacana Kids garment you buy tells a story of a child expressing their individuality and creativity, while contributing to Early Childhood Education Services for children with disabilities and developmental delays.  

From love hearts to skaters, the Jacana Kids range features pieces carefully doodled by the hands of little people, with 50% of all profits going to Early Childhood Education Services in Australia.

Jacana Kids donates 50% of its profits to different organisations that help children with disabilities and special needs. This year we have chosen Vision Australia, who has committed to support Domenic and other children with disabilities, helping them lead a life of confidence and independence.

All Jacana Kids clothing are screen printed locally in Victoria, Australia, using sustainable materials with manufactures practicing ethical production values.

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What fun we had at the Jacana workshop held on 26 Sep 2017 at Vermont community house. Not only did the kids get to exchange creative ideas, they got to wear their own design after that! We loved the inclusion of the multipurpose drawstring bags this year. Great for library books or as gifts! The design-your-own t-shirts were fantastic too. They've gone through many washes now with no dramas. The ink held up really well, and the tees retained its shape. With 50% of their profits going to Vision Australia, I'd say Jacana is where you should be shopping for unique and meaningful gifts.


My kids (ages 7, 5 &3) loved this workshop. It was so much fun. The kids were so engaged and proud of their creations. And such a good cause!! All around great feeling.


Jacana's Holiday workshop was wonderful. The kids really loved the opportunity to get creative and design something special to take home. It was well organized and a fun morning. My kids are looking forward to going back to design their next masterpiece.